From Che Guervera to coral reefs Cuba has something for everyone

Cuba is a beautiful, unique Caribbean island strewn with white sandy beaches and tobacco fields.  Famous for its Cuban cigar and communist rule, Cuba has retained its own personality with an infectious pulse of salsa and its history of Spanish colonialism.

Havana – old and new

The capital, Havana is an enchanting city, still steeped in the atmosphere of the 1950’s – the era of the revolution. This is epitomised by the huge selection of American classic cars.  Havana is also famous for its associations with Ernest Hemmingway and his old haunts can still be visited today.

One of many must see’s in Cuba is Old Havana, one of nine world heritage sites on the island. Here you can visit Revolution Square where Fidel Castro rallied his supporters against the US backed government and history was made. There is a large statue of Che Guevera in Old Havana as testament to their victory.

Coral and the Canarreos

Cuba has the world’s second largest coral reef and the Eastern Province enjoys a number of fabulous beaches rewarding divers with a spectacular and thriving marine life.  Sailing around the island provides a fantastic way to see beautiful coral, beaches and enjoy some local culture. There are islands off the south coast called the Canarreos Archipelago, where you will find miles of white sandy beaches, mangrove forests and plenty of fabulous views. Not to mention the odd cocktail and a little local music.

Cuba is changing rapidly, with tourism growing quickly so it is worth seeing it now before it loses its charm.  It is still relatively unspoiled and there are many tours available where you will stay with local families and in local villages. This gives you a sense of the real Cuba and no doubt, you’ll be hearing some of its fascinating history first hand. Locals are naturally extremely proud of their rich literary and musical history.

Getting there

You can fly direct to Cuba from the UK with a flying time of approximately 10 hours and Cuba is -5 hours on GMT. UK passport holders will need a visa (tourist card) to enter the country.  Hurricane season is between June and November and the temperature normally averages around 29 degrees throughout the year.

You can visit Cuba in many different ways, be it purely for a beach holiday, twin centre, fully or partly escorted tour. Here at Milford Travel we can match you with your trip to Cuba or anywhere else in the world!

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