A feast for the eyes and soul

Just off the East Coast of Africa, lies Mauritius – a sparkling jewel in the Indian Ocean. It’s a small island that can be driven around in just 2 hours yet boasts a wealth of international influences and a wonderful heritage waiting to be explored.

Whether you are looking to while away the hours on one for the many stunning beaches, prefer to keep active with a round of golf or enjoy the many water sports on offer, Mauritius never fails to deliver.

Through its history, Mauritius has fallen under Dutch, French and British rule resulting in a truly multi-cultural and multi-lingual population. French is the most widely spoken language although English is also well understood. Hotels on the island offer an array of styles and facilities with something guaranteed to suit everyone’s preferences.

Exploring the island is made easy by the generosity and friendliness of the locals who are always happy to help. For a small island, there are many points of interest which are well worth a visit, including tea plantations and nature parks, and getting around is made easier by the fact they drive on the left.

Considering the exotic location and beauty of the island, you will be pleasantly surprised by the great value on offer. Whilst there are many resorts to choose from, Beachcomber Tours is one Milford Travel highly recommend, both from personal experience and from client feedback.

Owing to the tropical climate and that Mauritius is in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are opposite to the UK.  January and February bring the wettest but hottest months although, as in all tropical climates, the rain does not last long and it’s soon dry after a downpour.  Winter is May to October where the temperature is between 20 – 26 degrees so still very pleasant.

Flights from the UK are available direct from Heathrow with Air Mauritius or Gatwick with BA and indirect via Dubai with Emirates. The direct flight time is 12 hours and the time change is 4 hours on GMT.  The local currency is the Mauritian Rupee.  No visa is required for UK passport holders to visit.

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