Visit China, the world’s 3rd largest country bordered by an incredible 14 countries!

It boasts more than 5000 years of history and the current Peoples Republic of China was founded on 1/10/1949. As China is such a vast country offering so much, it is best to stick to some of its best-known highlights for the purposes of this article!

Terracotta Warriors

In 1974 farmers in Xian accidentally dug up 8000 terracotta warriors. This led to the discovery that Emperor Qin Shi Huang commissioned 700,000 workers to make these warriors over 2200 years ago.  It was the same Emperor who instigated the building of the Great Wall of China.  Xian has since become a much-visited place in China and the Terracotta Army a must-see on any trip.

Giant Pandas

Chengdu is another must-visit destination whilst in China, the Research Base for Giant Panda breeding was founded here.  This is educational tourism at its best, the base provides a unique experience for visitors ensuring that they leave focused on the giant panda and wildlife conservation.  A natural ecological environment has been created for the pandas with lakes, rivers, wild bamboo forests, caves, rocks and more for them to live and breed as they would in the wild.  Visitors have the opportunity to see pandas in their natural environment with experts at hand.

Chengdu, Giant-Panda

Shanghai and Beijing

Shanghai is the face of modern China with luxury hotels, restaurants and shopping.  The Bund is an expansive vibrant waterfront location which is the main attraction in Shanghai.

Beijing is home to the Forbidden City, Summer Palace and Tiananmen Square.  From Beijing, you must also visit the Great Wall of China.  A truly spectacular sight not to be missed.  There are some areas you may wish to avoid due to the volume of people visiting but there are many more remote, less visited sections where you will experience crowd free panoramas.  On a clear day, it is one of the most spectacular sights you will ever see!

Travelling around and the best time to visit

China is a vast country but the introduction of high-speed bullet train services make visiting multiple destinations much easier. You can have a 2 week holiday in China without having to take a single internal flight and still see all the sights!

It’s best to visit China between March to May and September to November.  Winter travel is possible but is very cold in the North and in the summer months, it is very hot and smoggy.

There are many direct flights to China, taking approximately 11 hours from the UK, the time change is +8 hours on GMT and British Citizens need a visa to visit the country.

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