So much to see, so much to do! Morocco is an assault on the senses from the moment you land. It can be whatever you want it to be, from lively and action packed to serene and a return to nature.

Marrakesh might be just what you are after if you like lots of life, hustle and bustle and excitement. The main square plays host to a huge ‘souk’ with market stalls, spice sellers and all day performances which usually start daily from around 10am. Be prepared to see everything from the cliché snake charmers to musicians playing unrecognisable instruments to fortune tellers and street vendors. It is an experience not to be missed!

There is more to Marrakesh than just the main square however, exploring some of the many historical sights might be more to your taste.

You can combine (or replace!) the excitement of Marrakesh with a number of destinations; the High Atlas Mountains dominate the backdrop of the Moroccan skyline and there are some wonderful accommodations which can become your base for exploring the mountains either independently or with a local mountain guide who will take you into the Berber settlements where you will get an insight into local culture and customs.

The High Atlas Mountains are the perfect place to cool down if you choose to visitMorocco in mid-summer. The mountains are surprisingly green and lush providing nature lovers a huge variety of birds, flora and fauna to enjoy.

Morocco has some fabulous beach resorts in Essaouira and Agadir with their golden sandy beaches and charismatic resorts full of history and adventure. Both Agadir and Essaouira have golf courses to suit any ability from 9 to 36 holes including an 18 hole course designed by Gary Player.

Accommodation in Morocco is varied, ranging from 5* Resort Hotels to quirky Riads (merchants houses) which have been converted to welcome tourists. Many look plain from the outside (in order to disguise the wealth of merchants in past times) but open up into beautiful lodgings once you get inside. Many have swimming pools even in central Marrakesh. There is certainly something to suit everyone in this diverse country.

Even the food in Morocco is interesting, delicate spices flavouring even the most simple of dishes. Tagine is the famous dish associated with the country and it will not disappoint. Many tourists bring newly acquired tagine dishes back with them but most find it difficult to emulate the exact flavours and succulent meats at home, so you must make the most of it whilst there!

Getting to Morocco is easy, flights go several times a day from London Gatwick and Heathrow and twice a week from Bristol airport. The flight time is approx. 3hrs 40 minutes and there is no time change with the UK. The weather in Morocco is pleasant through the winter months with temperatures rarely falling below 18 degrees, summer months can be extremely hot but not so much that you cannot find shaded or cool areas. It is a beautiful country with fantastic hospitality which should never be discounted as a fabulous holiday destination.

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