New Zealand is a beautiful country which needs time to discovery fully. It is made up of two islands, North and South Island and there are four distinct divisions.

The far north has a sub-tropical climate with rainforests and sparkling beaches. Moving towards the middle of North Island, you will find a volcanic landscape, New Zealand’s geothermal plateau. It is also the area richest in Maori history and culture. The south of North Island and the North of South Island is where you will find the lakes, valleys, and wine region. The climate is cooler but with plenty of sunshine, ideal for the cultivation of the perfect grape!

The south of South Island is the Alpine region. The Southern Alps run the length of South Island and winds blow in from the west causing heaving rainfall especially during November to April on the west coast around Queenstown and the Fjord land area.

New Zealand is a touring destination, with many different options available. You can tour independently (with an organised itinerary) in a two wheel drive, four wheel drive or motorhome. The four wheel drive enabling you to go off the beaten track slightly, enjoying lesser trodden paths and through some of the many national parks.

If you do not wish to drive, but still want to be independent, there are options to travel by train or coach without being part of a group.There are many escorted tours available too, going by rail, coach and boat.There are Hike and Drive tours, which include some of the best walks in New Zealand broken down into one-day hikes as well as Bike and Drive tours where along with your car you pick up bikes on the back and enjoy some fantastic cycle trails.

Accommodation in New Zealand is varied, from farm stays to lodges, motels to luxury hotels – something to suit al budgets and tastes.The best time to visit New Zealand is October/November or March – May/June. The busiest time to visit is December to early February as this is summer holidays in Australia and therefore there is very little availability and you pay peak prices. The majority of visitors to New Zealand are Australian.

There is an enormous amount to do and see in New Zealand and the length of your trip is entirely up to you, however, the recommended minimum time on each island is 7 days and ideally you would want around 25 days to explore properly.

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