Named the world’s most sustainable country in 2018 by National Geographic, Slovenia is located in central Europe and once formed part of Yugoslavia. Nestling between Austria and Italy this delightful country boasts a varied cultural mix from alpine to the Mediterranean.

The cultural capital is Ljubljana and is where you arrive when you fly from the UK. Flight times from Gatwick are around 2 hours 15 minutes. If you’re staying in the city you’ll find lively festivals in full swing throughout the summer, together with beautiful architecture and not forgetting the cable car ride to the castle. This is a green city, in a green country. It’s easy to get around on foot or by bicycle and the historic centre is completely closed to motor vehicles.

Another world-renowned highlight of Slovenia is Lake Bled. This picturesque Alpine lake is fed by hot springs and is perfect for swimming. You can take a pletna, reminiscent of the Venetian gondoliers, to the island in the centre of the lake. Once there, discover the Assumption of St Mary Church and learn the tale of the Bled Bell. Whilst in the Bled area, the local delicacy of Bled cream cake is not to be missed.

Not far from Lake Bled, you will find Vintgar Gorge. This 1.6km long gorge offers breathtaking views of waterfalls, pools and cascades. You will find that it shares its name with other gorges around Slovenia as the Slovene word for gorge is Vintgar!

For those seeking a physical challenge, Mount Triglav in Triglav National Park is Slovenia’s highest peak. Spring and Autumn are the best times to visit for pleasant hiking weather without too much rain.

Heading away from the alpine region to the 42km Mediterranean coastline, you can visit Piran and the regions salt pans, now protected landscape parks.

There is a vast choice of places to stay in Slovenia, from an igloo in Winter to treetop platforms, vineyard cottages along with traditional hotel options.

Slovenia is an amazing destination with something for everyone whether you are seeking an active break, a family-friendly adventure or a luxury retreat with natural, thermal spas. The only thing you’ll be left wondering is why you didn’t visit sooner!

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